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STUDENt testimonials 

Laura Quigley is one of the main reasons I took the risk in starting my career as a freelance director. Working as her assistant director during the Concordia Solo Shows, she provided me with a new-found excitement for the beauty of working in directing. She is a strong, level-headed and secure leader. I always felt held by her in my courses, and knew that she had a clear trajectory for every student working with her.  One of the most wonderful traits, that I believe sets Laura apart from other professors, is her trust and respect for her students' artistic identity. She acknowledged me as an artist, and gave me the space to feel valued and develop my own craft while under her supervision. She struck the perfect balance between learning from observation and learning by doing, which allowed me to have agency in my development as a director throughout University and beyond it now. I cannot say enough about my appreciation for her as an artist. I feel extremely lucky to have been taught by her and I hope to work with her in the future.

-Sara Flicht, graduate, BFA major, Acting


I've had the pleasure of learning from, or being directed by, Laura in four university studio courses. In each she guided me with an attentiveness and care that I cannot understate. In her Voice classes, Laura taught me several new approaches to exploring my voice. Specifically, my range expanded and my resonance deepened. Her classes provided me with the space to approach integrated voice-body work from a curious and energetic perspective and the structure to frame that learning within a larger context of growth. Most importantly, Laura encouraged me to take ownership of this exploration, my body and voice, my work as an artist, and as an extension of these things, my life. I not only felt safe with Laura but more importantly encouraged to explore parts of myself I had previously been unable to. She was the tightrope and the safety net at the same time, and I firmly believe these are the qualities that make for educators who create an impact on those they teach. 

– Andrew Sawyer, 4th Year BFA major, Acting


I had the pleasure of being directed by Laura in my final two productions at Concordia University. Her skills for interpreting text and devised theatre creation were a huge boon to my learning and growth as a performer and writer. Laura is someone who actively practices what she preaches, being an accomplished and active performer and writer. Learning from someone who continues to create and perform their own work is a different and incredibly valuable experience for young theatre-makers like myself. It allowed for a deeper connection, and shared understanding and empathy throughout my time being directed by Laura.

-Johan Denora, graduate, BFA major, Acting


Laura is by far one of the most intelligent and caring professors I’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout my entire degree. She is so deeply knowledgeable in her craft, and when it’s doubled with the unwavering love that she has for her students, her classes become a highlight of the week. Her teaching has not only given me a deep awareness of my own body and voice, but how to approach working with my body full of love and acceptance. She always reminds us to not “bully” our bodies because they can’t do something, but instead accept it and work from that place instead. Any student in her class is lucky to work with Laura, and Concordia is lucky to have her. 

– Mira Henderson, 3rd Year BFA, Performance Creation


Working with Laura Quigley on solo shows last semester was one of the most rewarding artistic experiences of my life. She made me feel open and safe to try anything, write anything I wanted. Not to mention she’s an amazing writer and actress in her own right. And she didn’t just make me feel this way, all 10 of us in solo shows felt this way, all 10 of us received overtime coaching and feedback, all 10 of us got to experience working with someone who made us feel like real artists and a real person with ideas and feelings that not only mattered, but were special. A tour-de-force artist and person, she’s an absolute light in my life. I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for me and so many other students I know. 

– Tim Daggs, 4th Year, BFA major, Acting

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