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'Laura helps her students understand not only the power of the voice but all the theatrical possibilities, both subtle and nuanced, operatic and even primal. Laura has a sophisticated understanding of the connection between the voice and our inner life, as well as our personal history, and how the voice and body are interconnected and in constant conversation with one another. She is a kind and encouraging teacher with a clear and constant vision.'

- Judith Thompson, Governor General Award Winning Playwright and Director

In my teaching I integrate many approaches to voice, acting, movement and public speaking training. I aim to meet my students where they are, and though I plan in great detail for each session, I also approach each individual or group lesson with curisoty around what will help, moment to moment. I teach students to articulate what they want to learn and how they plan to approach each session (like articulating a value or hope) so that they can take ownership of their learning and successes in class, and ultimately in their work outside of the studio. Though the work we undertake requires rigor and committment, my students also understand that learning isn't about 'being perfect' or 'getting it right', but a process of cultivating curiosity and then experimenting. I have specialized training in Bel Canto, Roy Hart and I am a certified teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework. 

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