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Written and performed by Laura Quigley with Ariana Markle
Directed by Clea Minaker
Dramaturgy by Fides Krucker and Judith Thompson
Sound Design by Noah Drew
'With vivid and poetic language, striking imagery and an arresting soundscape, The Waves highlights the experience of motherhood and the mother/child relationship in ways that are unique, playful and relatable while also delving into the underrepresented territory of postpartum depression with rawness and beauty. Laura Quigley is a thoughtful writer and magnetic performer who is open to discovery in the creative process. Her vocal and physical range is unlike anyone I have witnessed in years.'  - Laura Nanni, Summerworks Artistic Director

The Waves had readings/performances in Toronto (Directed by Clea Minaker, dramaturgy by Judith Thompson, Summerworks Theatre Festival 2018), (Festival of Original Theatre, University of Toronto, 2017), New York (Martha Graham Studio, Fitzmaurice Voicework Symposium, 2017), and Montreal (Revolution they Wrote Theatre Festival, 2018).

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